Our heroes come from all walks of life. They touch our lives and enter our hearts forever.

Each Memorial Day, we honor them all.

To all of our heroes, we thank you.

Our next Memorial Day's Flag Sales will begin in May 2023

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Memorial Day Ceremony

Our Flags for Heroes would not be complete without an honor ceremony! Please take a moment to watch our 2019 Memorial Day Ceremony.

Ceremony Details

300 flags flown to honor our heroes

What is a hero? Is it a soldier or police officer? A parent or sibling? A teacher? A nurse? A best friend? All of the above and so many more?

Our Leesburg-Daybreak Rotary Club believes that anyone can be a hero in someone else's eyes. While we hold our Ceremony over Memorial Day and are deeply grateful to all who serve, we remember that our Flags For Heroes is not limited to those who wear a uniform. Our heroes may be the men, women, or even animals of whom no one else may know about.

This Memorial Day our goal is to fly 300 American Flags in honor of named heroes in Freedom Park in Leesburg, Virginia. Anyone can purchase a flag in honor of their heroes. Our flags will fly for 2 weeks over Memorial Day weekend and be visible to all who visit.

Join us in honoring heroes everywhere.